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Grady Wells epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of your real estate transaction. Grady grew up in Aiken, South Carolina but has lived in Anderson, South Carolina for over 25 years. Starting off in the hospitality industry, Grady learned that in life it’s not just what you know- it’s who you know… and he has been fostering personal relationships ever since. Wanting more for himself, and perhaps some more tools under his belt, he earned an accounting degree. Grady put his degree to use for several years before deciding to earn his real estate license. 
While he has continued to serve in the hospitality industry, he has a deep passion for cooking. He is very familiar with the retail recipe to connect with a person who is just looking and convert them into a buyer. Over the last 15 years as a real estate agent, Grady has combed the listings for opportunities and purchased, personally remodeled, and SOLD several properties. Grady Wells is not your average agent, he has spent his life working on houses from top to bottom and is very familiar with all styles of houses… literally inside and out. Possibly the rarest quality that makes Grady Wells stand out from the crowd is that after listening to your specific needs, IF he thinks he is not the best person to help in your situation he will let you know and possibly even be able to advise you exactly where to go.

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